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Need some morning inspirations, or just a few nice quotes to pick you up? Just scroll, and enjoy.

Nothing is promised, and with the many impactful humans I've lost already in this life, I refuse to slow down or take it for granted. People ask where I get my 24 hours from because it doesn't seem to be the same 24 hours. Well, lucky you, it is! I'd like to invite you into my routine. How do I make it all work and still have time to binge watch 8 hours of Netflix and Hulu? But this doesn't have to be a one-way street, comment your routines below!

Welcome, and Wellness

My 5 Step Wash Day Routine



Condition Hair


Rice Water Rinse


Deep Conditioner


Steam or Sit under the




Add Leave-In to wet hair

+ Oil






Personally, Vitamines tend to make me queasy without food or a large glass of water. Growing up I took on average 5 vitamins every morning (Echennicia, Vitamin E, B12, Omega 3, Iron, & Vitamin C.   Now I take a hair/skin supplement called Viviscal that promotes existing hair growth and balanced health. I used it when I first went natural in 2011, and it didn't necessarily grow my hair, but it made it thicker, with thicker strands. I also noticed it got curlier. VItamins are all about consistency, treat it like you would your birth control (I don't take birth control).



One of the greatest investments I've made for my health has been cooking consistently. I use Hello Fresh weekly for about $60 a week. It works great for me and is cost effective by supplying me with 3 meals that I then split into two servings for 6 dinners a week. For breakfast, I typically drink a protein drink or eat oatmeal with fruits and nuts. If I feel like splurging I'll grab a fresh juice from my local Clean Juice. For lunch, It's not necessarily about what it is, but what nutrients I may be lacking from my breakfast/dinner. So I will eat more vegetables than normal and or more protein/iron etc.. 



You MUST MUST MUST stay active! What is the point in trying to live a healthier life and enjoy the extra sauces here and there if you don't exercise? I don't have a crazy 5-6 day a week routine anymore, but I tend to hover around 2-3 days of activity a week for 30minutes to an hour at a time.  My focus areas are my legs, midsection, and back.  Keep it intense and you won't have to waste 45 minutes running or walking on a treadmill. Trust me on that.  The second half to exercising is stretching regularly. This can be done at your desk at work or before/after bed. The increase in blood flow will loosen any blockage you may be feeling. 

Skin Care



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