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Writer's Block Fix

I found myself unable to continue writing, help!

What do we do when we need something to help kickstart our writing or creative juices? Recently, I visited a place called Treehouse Vineyards. The wine vineyard rents out the small treehouses for a reasonable price ranging from $125-$250. I was completely blown away by the quiet quaintness of the entire experience. I was exactly hitting a writers block but, I needed to finish my the first book in my trilogy. In the case that you need ideas to kickstart your zen into a writing state, try these ten options.

1. Change your scenery. Visit a place far away from social media, outside influence and distraction.

2.Create an instrumental playlist to play while writing or creating.

3.If you have another hobby, dive deeper into that, and use the art-high from it to transfer to your writing

4.Exercise or go for an extremely long walk

5.Cook a nice dinner and pore a glass of your favorite drink

6.Turn off all noises in your home and live in your thoughts

7.Have a writing party! If you know another writer or creator, spend the day not speaking but focusing on your writing. The drive from them will rub off on you!

8.Take a hot shower/bath with some soothing music. Change into some comfy pajamas and physically get comfortable.

9.Go for a drive.

10. Talk about your story to another creative. Sometimes you just need to talk it out.

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