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Journey to Waist Length Hair

I've been natural for about 8 years. My hair has slowed it's growth exponentially since the first year. I mean an extreme drop!

My First year, like most naturals, I watched every Natural Hair Youtuber of 2011, I purchased every natural hair product on the Target shelf and exclusive to online, and lastly I made my own products!!

It wasn't easy the first year but when I found my groove, I grew my hair to 6 inches after doing a big chop. The growth was insane, and I was excited for the potential of having 20 inches of fluffy black curly coily hair. I had some favorite holy grail processes that I know contributed to that growth spurt.

GROW 4-6 inches in 1 year

1. Deep Conditioning : I deep conditioned at least once a week for no less than 1 hour. I used one of the following: Deva Curl Heaven in Hair, DIY Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner (Greek Yogurt unsweetened, Honey, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender essential oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tresseme Naturals Conditioner) , Aussie Moist Conditioner, Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner.

2. Shampoo once a month/Co Wash three times a month: Shea Moisture, Deva Curl One Condition, Terressentials Mud Wash

3. Hot Oil Treatment one-two times a month

4. Leave in Conditioner: Karen's Body Beautiful , Knot Today

5. Gel: Natural Flax Seed Gel , Eco Styler Gel

6. PROTECTIVE STYLES: Box Braids, flat twists, braid outs, wigs

7. Night Routine: Spray Hair with water mixture, pineapple or twist hair up and wrap in satin scarf (Water Mixture: 1/8 parts knot today, 1/8 part favorite oil, 1/8 part leave in conditioner, 5/8 part water: Add a few drops of peppermint/eucalyptus essential oil to improve blood circulation)

8. Massage the scalp nightly for at least 1 minute

9. Winter months: DIY Shea Butter Whip

10. Lots of water and my favorite hair vitamins Viviscal

It took me a while to figure out this nice little combo but when I did, the curls couldn't stop growing!

But then I got lazy.

And my hair slowed to a 1 inch a year rate.

So now I start this journey again with a few different products but same concept.

1. Shampoo: Shea Moisture

2. Deep Conditioner + Rice Water: Aussie Moist, Shea Moisture, Deva Curl

3. Hot Oil Treatment

4. Protein Treatment

5. Protective Styles

6. Above Night Routine

7. Viviscal

Wish me Luck! I'll let you know Updates each month!

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