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I'm a Food Delivery Addict and it's promoting my anxiety!!

I'm addicted to #MealDelivery services.

Ok let me just tell you all of the reasons why it works for a single person with a busy lifestyle and zero time to think about a stupid grocery list. I know that sounds Lazy blah blah, #millennials blah blah, young bones etc etc. BUT, I work a job that is more demanding everyday and with my serious anxiety issues, grocery stores will become the leading cause of random money loss for adults without children between the ages of 18-30. I made that up, but I doubt many will disagree. Here's how it goes...First you attempt to search for a grocery list app (Fail, Ads, email signup, just fail) usually in the grocery store parking lot. Then you check your bank account a few times, go back to the grocery list, mark out a few things, recheck your checking out and stuff your debit card, keys, and phone into your pockets. We're walking into the store and now your pockets feel weird so you decide to juggle your phone and a hand basket because a cart isn't cool and your bank account can't support that kind of commitment. Your anxiety continues to grow. Fast forward to the checkout, I nervously ring my own products up at the self checkout, just in case i need to put back one of the items i shouldn't have committed to. After I pay I take the walk of shame to my tiny blue Electric Nissan Leaf and try to put together what meals I just purchased.

Now, after many of these failed attempts I decided to try one of the meal delivery services that over advertised to me when I moved into my new apartments. #HelloFresh was the winner! I tried many of them, but we can get to a cook off later. The flavors OH THE FLAVORS are so ridiculous! By the way i'm a recent pescatarian having spent the last 2 years of my life as a vegetarian. I eat the vegetarian options by choice and they did not disappoint. Now here are the reasons why I have stuck with them for the last 5 months!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Meal Delivery Services

1. The Flavors undeniable! I like how they merry flavors that you would never think of. The flavors also include a nice range in vegetables. Not just zucchinis and onion.

2. The price is perfect for my budget. It comes out to $60 a week which I have optimized as best as possible. Basically, I take the three meals for two and make it into 6 meals for one. Great math there. Turns into 6 dinners a week for $60!! I eat cereal for breakfast or spend $2.42 for a bagel w/cream cheese and a coffee or tea.

3. The delivery window works with my schedule. But also, my apartment complex has these #LuxerLockers that often saves my life. The ice bags in the box stay cold all day and the box materials are all #recyclable!

4. They have a #WineDelivery service that I have as well. Like I said, I'm an addict of delivery. I'll get into my Amazon addiction later as well.

5. I don't spend unnecessary money on random snacks, unmatchable items, many rolls of paper towels, wine, and bread with peanut butter (I always forget jelly).

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