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How to Get Started Gaining a Piece of Mind

New year new you huh?

We all get wrapped up in the new years resolutions. But let's face it, it's not the making up of the resolutions part that is hard, it's the follow through. So what are the top goals failed within the first few weeks?


1. Weight Loss/ Get Healthy

2. Reading a book a month

3. Managing finances

Now why do they fail? There are certain disciplines we lack when setting the tangibility of the goals. So let's focus more on breaking those 3 down and less on the many reasons we quit.

WEIGHT LOSS/ Get Healthy

If you don't typically work out, you may want to ease into the workout routine a little more gracefully. The full out gym commitments, purchasing of juicers, blenders, workout aids, waist trainers, and other instagram ads all set unrealistic financial expectations and physical

expectations. I'm no expert, but what you put in your body is easily half of the battle to your New years weight loss.


1. Donate all of the junk food in your house. Throw away the open containers, and have a feast with friends and family for the good stuff.

2. Research your body type Dr.Oz Body Type Quiz

3. Start with a simple workout routine. Determine if you are trying to trim the fat, large weight loss, muscle tone, or shooting for the stars of body building.

4. Join a gym as close to your home as possible. The last thing you need is to have to motivate yourself to drive over 20 minutes to a 30-45 minute workout

5. Talk to the experts at the gym about what you should eat, how often you should workout, and your goals. STAY AWAY FROM THE STIGMAS AND MYTHS

Good luck!

READ a Book/Month

1. First figure out what is your genre! Talk to friends and family members who read OFTEN. They may have some good recommendations.

If you're into science fiction, science and paranormal check out my list here

2. No need to be an over achiever. It's okay to start with magazines, short stories, etc.

3. Lastly, Recommend your favorite reads!


1. In a spreadsheet, List out every expense you have including small subscriptions like Hulu, Netflix, Tidal, & Spotify.

2. Estimate your grocery bill, entertainment cost, splurge money etc.

3. SET YOUR SAVINGS GOAL for the year. If you you have more, add more, you never know when you'll have a rough month.

4. Prioritize your debt and determine what should be paid off first and last. Then spread the love.

If these aren't your goals, they should. They're one of those recurring goals we should all keep at our core.


And Have a wealthy healthy prosperous 2019.

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