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Art vs Corporate

Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don't . Sometimes our corporate jobs straight up K.O. our art lives. Growing up, "chasing the money" was drilled into my head as if my life truly depended on it. It was like Boyscounts, and i was in the middle of the woods with no starter pack, but the camp lead was just mauled by a bear, so you go with adrenaline and fear...mostly fear.

Finances alone are something that's a totally different topic but let's face it, it matters. Not everyone can do the struggling artist thing. It's just not appealing. sorry not sorry. So what do we do? We get big people jobs and try not to let our completely non corporate personalities get us fired for inappropriateness.

I find it to be so interesting watching fellow artist navigate through the offices as if I don't see their inner weirdness. If only corporate embraced what made us all unique, they might get somewhere. But how do we balance it all? How do we prep ourselves for the call from Hollywood that we all dream of when your phone is ringing off the hook with customers complaining about having to clear cookies (which is foreign to them) or their bill being $0.01 over the normal balance? (You know you do) WHAT DO WE DO ARTISTS!?

We show up, we do a great job, make a few people laugh, and try not to commit ourselves to a hospital. I myself do quite a bit of art on the side ( but it comes at a price with balancing my work life and pretending I could possibly have a social life. HA! If only there were a tiny person that could live on your shoulders to help you get it all together!!! Can you hire people for that?

I figure, you work hard, make the money whilst creating a name for yourself and let that pay for your art and the conveniences you would love to have when creating. What I call "little perfect creations" only happen in the most one of a kind moments. Like the birth of a solar system, it must have the right elements, the right atmosphere, the right moment to begin rapidly spinning out of control. From there you get those beautiful pieces of art that can't be merely suggested by a client or on done on queue as most non artists seem to believe happens.

.......Yep, pretty much.

It feels like we're in a work jail so we mosey around our offices with our heads in the clouds thinking dark thoughts....... But hang in there my friend, art takes time to develop and grow anyways, so in the mean time, be a normal alien and play the game & make some change.


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