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The Rice Water Challenge

What am I doing for the rice water challenge?

1. Rice Water fermentation: 1 cup Brown Rice, 1 cup Water at room temperature for 24 hours. Add 3-5 drops of peppermint oil to mask the smell. 


2. Shampoo. Condition. Then Rice Water Rinse.


3. Add your leave-in conditioner (Camille Rose Honey). Lock in the moisture with Castor oil (Sub: Jojoba, Avocado, or Coconut Oil).




Week One

January 28, 2019

My first impression of the rice water was pretty much no reaction at all. It's only week one right? Since I made it in advanced, it was cold from refrigeration, which would mean it would seal my cuticles. This is a problem because I wanted to add the rice water to my conditioner to combat the high amount of protein. So i added the rice water and conditioner then covered my hair with a plastic bag for an hour. To assist with bringing the cold temperature of the rice water up to at least room temperature, I sat under my hooded dryer for 45 minutes. After rinsing, my hair was not as soft as I would have liked, so I may try a different conditioner next time or separating the rice water as strictly a rinse. I followed up with the Camille Rose Honey Leave in which is absolutely wonderful!   

Week Four

February  17, 2019

I've noticed a few things with my hair, but I can't attribute the complete positive turn around to rice water. So far, when it is wet, I notice the difference in length the most. Although the rice water smells atrocious, the benefits to the strength of my hair it has brought is worth it. My hair is also loving the weekly attention, so the deep conditioning has kept my hair moisturized all week. This is a huge deal since  I'm definitely not used to such moisture. If a refresher is needed, I either put a steamer to it or cup warm water in my hands and dampen my hair all over. I'll add the curl maker from Camille Rose naturals to the ends and off I'll go. I'm a fan of allowing enough time to gauge results, so I'll do monthly check-ins up to 90 days to see how this combo of the process and products attributes to my hair growth. 

Holy Grail Products


Deva Curl

One of my favorite products from this line is the Heavin in Hair Deep Conditioner!



I don't heavily rely on oils as they tend to sit on top of my head but my go-to oils are jojoba, coconut, shea butter, and almond.


Tresemme Naturals

This conditioner is great for low porosity and can be combined with many other ingredients. Try adding coconut oil, egg, essential oils, or even greek yogurt. 

leave in.jpg

Leave in Conditioner

My leave in changes with the weather, and most of all with my hair. I found thicker honey based leave ins better for the winter, and water-based ones for warmer climates.



This mud wash is quite messy, but it clarifies and leaves the hair hydrated and detangled.



One of my favorite stylers is eco styler gel. In the past, I've used Quick Curls, and pillow soft curls to make my curls defined and luscious!

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