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Hello, I'm Kenya Leigh

Born in USA, 1991

2010-2014 Studied at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

BS Applied Physics, Concentration Astrophysics

I have always found my passion in expressing myself through art. I've always had a natural talent for creativity. So I tend to dive into projects that give me the opportunity to be creative. Math and science have also been areas of strong interest to me and although initially, I was pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering I quickly realized that physics was more in line with my creative thinking process. That is why I love researching and discovering new concepts and presenting different approaches to art. My dad used to always say to me when I was little, "use your imagination"...well, if using your imagination to resolve problems was good enough for Albert Einstein then who am I to argue with genius. 


I believe that having a strong logical side and an equally strong creative side is the best balance that one could have. It's how I figure things out and quite honestly, my results will often astonish you. The real bonus about me is that I also have a great sense of humor to go with my sparkling personality :o)) I don't believe that being analytically adept means I should have the personality of a rock. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I am someone that you have to experience in order to believe.



Who's your favorite musical artist?

"I love Beyonce for her dedication to her craft and her consistency. I admire her attention to detail with her art. My favorite composer is Hans Zimmer. I hope to see him live in concert one day. His music inspires deeper thought into my creation." 


What made you want to study Physics?

"I have always had a passion for science, and since I was a little girl, I wanted to be an oceanographer. Physics isn't the same thing but, it's a scientist (laughing)" 


What drives you in life?

"I live to create, develop, and explore. If I could be a nomad that traveled simply to learn I would drop everything now. When I see an ounce of inspiration to be greater from individuals around me, it acts like a natural high for me. I instantly want to do and be more."


Who is someone you admire?

"I admire a lot of people for very different things. One of my greatest inspirations is Albert Einstein. He wasn't a perfect, mathematician or scientist, but he had an imagination and challenged the status quo." 


Where would you like to travel to next?

"Next on the bucket list is a trio experience of Chile, Brazil, and Peru. Basically anywhere in South America."


What is your biggest fear? 

"Although I don't fear death itself, I fear dying before I can complete my thought or a creation" 


Ask Me Anything

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