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Art, Food & Travel

Welcome to Kenya Leigh Blog! This is for young ambitious millennials trying to take over the world....and everyone else. 

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At a Glance

Massage Supplies

Find out what routines I follow for my hair, skin, and health! Things change and so do our bodies.

What's New:

There are so many crazes going on right now and so many self-improvement challenges! How do you determine which ones will benefit you the most?

Check them out!


I always get asked, Kenya where are you headed next? Well, it's not a mystery anymore! 

What's New:

This year I'll be crossing off a lot of items off of my bucket lists like Aruba, Iceland, Sweden, Peru, and More!

Misty Forest

When it comes to art, I'm usually working on multiple projects at a time. Project Dark Fog and the Rise of the Phoenix Trilogy are highly anticipated.

What's New:

My company Artist Universe performs at local shows throughout the year where I am able to showcase extravagant pieces to large crowds. I'm excited for everyone to see what I have brewing!

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